Key People

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    Paweł Świst

    Pawel is a Certified Accountant and has over 15 years of experience in the fields of accounting and finance. Having worked in numerous international trust & corporate services firms he is well aware of how important dedicated employee selection is to any business. ‘Talented people make companies thrive. Placing them in environments that foster respect and achievement seems only natural’ he explains.

    He started his career at the TMF Group where he held the position of Accounting Supervisor and was directly responsible for hiring and managing the right staff to serve a growing portfolio of TMF’s multinational clients.

    In 2004 Paweł joined Trinity Corporate Services, the largest Central Eastern European corporate services provider, where he initially held the position of Accounting Manager, to quickly take on the role of Regional Accounting Director. One of his key responsibilities was searching, selecting and recruiting key members of the Trinity Accounting team for the firm’s 9 CEE locations, contributing to bringing the company to a level of 350 staff in 9 offices in 6 jurisdictions in the CEE. Trinity was known internationally for its high quality customer service, very low staff churn and culture of excellence. Trinity earned an extraordinary reputation acting for many years as the local CEE presence of many international trust services providers such as Alter Domus, Intertrust or Orangefield.

    In 2011 the company expanded into the fund services market through acquisition of OFIZ, the No 1 fund accounting and administration provider in Poland. Paweł took over the merger process and supported the fund accounting part of the business during its further growth. Three years later Trinity joined the Vistra Group, a global trust services provider, with international presence in all major international trust and fund markets and Paweł was one of the key members of the management team that coordinated the merger between Trinity and the Vistra Group by working very closely with colleagues from, amongst others, Luxembourg, Amsterdam or Zurich offices.

    Pawel recognizes the demands of international corporate & financial institutions, therefore being able to promptly find and verify the perfect candidate for any position within the accounting and financial departments.

    ‘At NeoProfessionals we work hard to bridge the gap between highly skilled employees from CEE and top-notch companies looking for trusted personnel’ says Pawel. ‘We help people get into full swing with their careers and assist employers in hiring outstanding staff to match their precise needs. It’s not an easy task but certainly one worth the effort.’ he concludes.