Working abroad

If you are an accountant, lawyer, financial or compliance specialist and you are interested in finding a permanent or temporary job abroad then you are in the right place.

As an agency specialising in recruitment for international financial markets and holding and fund jurisdictions we constantly look for candidates for various positions at all levels in the above sectors.

We are looking for the above employees to work abroad in, amongst others, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom or Ireland. We also have job offers from outside the EU, for example from the UAE. We encourage you to visit our Working abroad page in order to find out more about the opportunities to launch an international career. If you are interested in finding a permanent or temporary job abroad and earning a Western-level salary, we invite you to register your CV in our database so that we can fulfil your dream of an international career.

How can NeoProfessionals help you in finding a job abroad (our advantages):

  • Access to many job offers from international financial centres in one place.
  • Opportunity to start an international career.
  • Opportunity to earn in EUR, GBP, CHF.
  • Opportunity to gain experience in an international working environment.
  • Opportunity to learn or improve a foreign language.
  • Conscious career building.
  • Self-growth & development.
  • Opportunity to sightsee, explore the world, experience new cultures, travel.
  • We work solely with reputable companies, the majority of them being leaders in the financial sectors such as accounting, fund management, financial, asset management, real estate, private equity, Big 4, banks or international law firms.
  • Your stay will be safe and beneficial both financially as well as from the career building perspective.
  • Due to our 30 year experience in the financial markets we have an extensive network of contacts which enables us to effectively connect candidates and companies for their mutual benefit.
  • Support for the candidate in the job search process (CV advice, defining qualities, preparation for an interview, negotiations with the employer, advice in planning a long-term career).

Recruitment process:

Registration in the database or applying for a job advert:

Apply for a specific job offer or register in our database in order to be informed of any future potentially interesting job offers. Each CV is verified for competencies and experience of the candidate. We contact the candidate immediately should we have a job offer meeting his/her expectations and qualifications.

First interview:

If you submitted your CV and we have a job offer that meets your qualifications or if you applied for a specific job offer and you fulfil the requirements, we will invite you for a meeting with one of our consultants. During the meeting you will also be requested to complete competence as well as English language tests.

Second interview:

The selected candidates will further be invited for an interview with the Client/Potential Employer, who will be taking the final decision with regards to your employment. Usually such an interview is conducted with the use of Skype technology. At times employers may choose to invite the candidate for an interview in person at the actual destination the job offers relates to. In such a case we agree the logistics details with the candidate and the employer on an individual basis.

Final decision:

After the recruitment process is completed and the decision on your hiring has been made by the Client, we will inform you and you will be presented with a Letter of Intent listing the major terms of the job offer. On your acceptance of such job offer, we will support you in the relocation process to your final destination.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the general information regarding working and living abroad, related legal requirements as well as expected salary levels in the most popular jurisdictions in the relevant subsections on our website. We also invite you to read about success stories of some of the people who have already relocated.

Please also feel free to submit your CV in our database of candidates.