Temporary jobs

In certain cases, when our clients prefer to hire employees on a temporary basis, we look for employees who are willing to work based on a fixed contract. This is quite a common practice in the financial services sector, in which we specialise in. Our clients from the financial or corporate sectors often face periods of increased workload relating to, for example, financial or tax year end, transaction closing or IPO preparation. We often look for temporary employees who could support our clients in such shorter term projects, however this quite often results in an indefinite job offer after the project ends.

We have temporary job offers both locally and abroad. Such temporary work contracts can be especially attractive for candidates who do not necessarily consider permanent or long term emigration, but who would be interested in living abroad for a while, want to travel and see other countries and cultures, live in different societies, gain international professional experience and as such improve their CVs, learn a foreign language and, of course, save some cash.

We invite candidates interested in temporary jobs to search our database of job offers and to apply as well as to register in our database of candidates.