We are a specialised recruitment agency focusing on sourcing qualified and highly-motivated professionals from the finance, legal and AML/KYC sectors, for our clients: Big4, law firms, audit and tax advisors firms, accounting firms, BPO/SSC sector, banks as well as internal finance and legal departments of our client companies.

Our Clients can benefit from our database of highly skilled, driven, multilingual and mobile candidates and the experience of our Team, who have first-hand know-how of the financial industry, how it works, and who it needs in terms of staff. You may explore more about NeoProfessionals in the About us sections, where you can read about our Specialisations and Experience.

One of our core-services is cross-border recruitment for the financial markets.

We welcome you to explore our services in more detail on the Permanent and Temporary placements dedicated sites.

We use various search and selection tools, from headhunting, advertising or networking through database and social media search to referrals. Additionally, we have designed our own unique set of NeoTests, which are financial industry related, special selection tools, enabling us to verify and select just the right candidates for the typical jobs in the sector.

Last, but not least, we believe it takes one to know one and there are no better credentials for us than the combined 30 years of experience working in the professional services industry gained working for, or serving companies such as TMF, Vistra, Intertrust, Alter Domus, PwC or KPMG, to name just a few.