Cross-border recruitment

One of our core services is cross-border recruitment for the financial industry around the world. In doing so, we source staff from less-developed, emerging economies to work in the most developed, western world, which is often short of good, qualified and devoted staff and where the cost of staff is highly affected by the competitiveness in trying to attract the best people.

Our approach enables us to transfer talent from low-salary, high-unemployment markets to low-unemployment, highly-competitive professional markets thus solving major problems for both parties of the recruitment process, the candidate and the employer.

Professionals from the emerging markets are generally extremely well educated, highly motivated and career driven. They are very hard-working and hungry for success, which makes them a valuable asset for our client companies. They are fluent in English plus their native language, and are often multilingual.

Within the EU there is also no restrictions for free mobility of personnel, which makes the process easy and hassle-free for the client and the candidates.

Why is it worthwhile to hire from the CEE?

  • Large population: Poland 38mln and the CEE region ca 100mln people.
  • High percentage of people with academic education.
  • Mobility of employees (close to 2mln Poles live and work within another EU country).
  • Skilled, highly motivated, English speaking workforce, eager to pursue their careers abroad.
  • Open borders within the EU – employees can freely move and work in other EU countries.
  • Modest salary expectations, reasonable remuneration demands in comparison to Western countries.