Temporary staff

Employing staff on a temporary basis provides more flexibility for the employer and minimises the risk and difficulties with managing headcount in periods of increased or decreased labour requirements. It helps companies manage their headcount needs in accordance with the market and the amount of work currently undertaken.

Examples of situations where temporary employment may be the solution would be:

  • increased amount of work during asset or enterprise acquisition, merger, accounting software implementation, year -end closing etc;
  • new client intake or house-tidying;
  • replacing temporary absences;
  • secondment projects.

Whatever your organisation’s needs are in this respect we are happy to assist in finding the right candidates who would be interested in joining your teams on a temporary contract basis. We can deal with both small and big projects. It needs to be noted that we do not act as a temporary employment agency and the actual contract for the interim job is between the candidate and the client.